clean water


The German title „Scheisse ohne Grenzen“ is a „catchy“ project title conceals the attempt to save the seas.
The oceans (70% of the earth’s surface) are – by far – the most important climate regulator – there are countless studies, reports, etc.



an urgent warning comes from the Turkish Sea of Marmara (September 2021), obviously
is completely tipped / dead. Most of the seas have reached this limit

Goal of the initiative (first suggestion):
an extension of the agreements on the Paris climate goals
Sewage treatment plants for 10% (per country) by 2030
Sewage  treatment plants for 60% (per country) by 2040
Sewage treatment plants for 90% (per country) by 2050


So with the definition of minimum standards, certification rules and above all with sanctions if that doesn’t work
Money that is then used again through the international community (see project title).



who helps us who is responsible for the climate conference? who could make the claim?
who is dashing enough to push one’s limits?





The pollution of the oceans by untreated wastewater is in addition to the pollution by washed-in garbage (see project „garbage exports“)
one of the most important points of the climate agenda (goal 14 of the 2030 Agenda).

The solution is – for once – not complex. We „just“ have to see that the wastewater is treated WORLDWIDE.
The technology is „state of the art“, i.e. there is (actually) nothing left to invent – just do it.

Project steps:

  • Strategic analysis of the situation in your country – do we have to act?
    if so – ACT
  • Strategic analysis of the situation in the countries of the EU – we certainly have a need for action =

we shouldn’t let ourselves be caught giving advice in other regions, which then give us the „sweep on our own doorstep“

in an international effort and funding from the development billions or maybe from the military budget of the affected countries?
2% of the worldwide military budget = 34 Billon EURO…..

Definition of minimum standards that can / must also be certified
see also microplastics … same with level 4?
Plan and implement specific projects – prioritized by the urgencies that are presumably transparent in the analysis (population figures, etc.)

maybe also with the support of young university graduates (HTL?) or committed people based on the model of „Médecins Sans Frontières“ (which I admire very much) = Shit without borders (sewage treatment plants, water purification, etc.)


Development funds (military budgets?) Are used meaningfully – not foisted on the corrupt elites
Jobs in the countries where the projects are started
and clearly clean seas,
but also clean water – a huge problem area of the (present) and future
Public health, etc.

and maybe also an emotional one to make the earth cleaner (see garbage exports, microplastics, etc.)


there are of course a lot of links to other (climate) projects

  • Sewage treatment plants need (relatively) a lot of electricity = self-sufficiency makes sense (decentralized power supply project)
    „Energy self-sufficient“ should be defined in the „Standard“ – but if the collection of organic waste (biogas generation) is not organized,
    (and) to compensate for this, a supply of solar power would make sense. As a rule, the equipment of the fence and the free areas are sufficient
    or also fences from the surrounding area. But always with a storage facility (battery) to ensure 24 hours
  • Sewage treatment plants are part of the critical infrastructure – i.e. it must be ensured that there can be no (unbridgeable) blackout
    Solar power, battery systems, decentralized power. The scenario would be a city of millions where the sewage treatment plants do not work for 3-4 days
    unthinkable …
  • Hydrogen production has oxygen (and heat) as a waste product. Oxygen increases the efficiency of sewage treatment plants, hydrogen as an urgent need
  • and as „side effects“ in less developed areas, which should / must be included in the concept, a decentralized
    Power supply can also be beneficial for daily life – electric cooking (instead of CO2 camel poop, massive wood cutting for heating and cooking … etc.)
    the lack of power supply is responsible for a lot of loss of comfort – that would be significantly improved with an overall concept